Shoot – May 16, 2012

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From today :)

Alice time :)

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Get The Points!

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We are going to try something new going forward. I was hoping with all the people who have signed up there would be more interactivity on the site. Alice and I are working very hard and trying to provide this site for free for everyone! She made a blog post asking for feedback on what to wear during our upcoming shoot this Wednesday, and only one person replied :(

So as of now, we are going to be requiring use of the points people have been earning by using the site to view some of the picture sets. Earning points is not only free but also very, very easy. 10 points just to add an avatar to your account, or making a comment on a post, or voting.

As time goes on you will need these points to unlock special features on the site, like extra pictures, zip downloads, and archives. Right now using the points does NOT deduct any points, it is just a minimum required for access.

I have to say, though, any attempt to game the system to cheat will just lead to a banning, so don’t do it! lol

Once a set is completely posted, which takes about two weeks right now. Then we will make it that you don’t need any points to view that set until the next set is complete. But if you want to see things as we post them, then you know what to do now :)

Any problems or questions can be emailed to me or posted in the support forum, which, yes, earns you points! lol

Made a wishlist!

Posted By Alice McGee / May, 10, 2012 / 0 comments

Also just created a wishlist, so if there’s something on here you would like to buy for me I will shoot in it!

Note: If any of the lingerie is sheer or showing on the chest/bottoms I will wear something under it.

What would you like to see me shoot in?

Posted By Alice McGee / May, 10, 2012 / 12 comments

I’ve attached some photos to here of some shirts/dresses/pants that I own that I’m considering shooting in. I want to know what you guys think as the  viewers and what you’d like to see me shoot in. I’m also open to suggestions for what’s not listed here –

We have the purple dress, hello kitty shorts & pink polka dot top, blue scrunch top, mario shirt, black halter, blue dress, alice dress, black and white dress, my blue ripped jeans, and I also have a grey shirt and a pair of black wet leggings not listed. Anything is mix and match-able, and I have boots&heels for shoes. Sorry for the bad quality, phone pictures aren’t too great in my room. Let me know your thoughts!


Set 012

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Alice is wearing a really cute gray dress in this set.

Click Here To View Full Gallery For FREE!

Just found out…

Posted By Alice McGee / April, 30, 2012 / 3 comments

I’ll be going on a cruise in December for three days to the Bahamas with Lamb of God, Hatebreed, and two guys from Slipknot! Plus more. I am SO excited! This is going to be a great year.


Rockin the “up-do” before the Seether concert!

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Busy busy busy!

Posted By Alice McGee / April, 25, 2012 / 5 comments

I’ve been so darn busy lately! I hope everyone likes the new set that was posted, can’t wait to see the rest of them!

Here’s what my calender is looking like for this summer –

April 28th (this Saturday!) – GWAR

May 11th & 12th – Rob Zombie

May 19th – Paws & Feet 1 mile walk for the animals (AWA Animal Shelter)

June 2nd & 3rd Smile Empty Soul

June 28th Roger Waters

June 29th – Flying out to California

June 30th – Rockstar Mayhem Festival

July 1st-3rd – California

July 12th & 14th – Roger Waters

July 27th&29th – Rockstar Mayhem Festival

August 2nd – System of a Down

August 4th&5th – Rockstar Mayhem Festival

August 10th-13th – Canada for Heavy T.O

August 17th – Linkin Park

and I haven’t decided what I’m doing on the 18th yet, but it will probably be another show. SO MUCH PLANNING TO DO! I hope everyone’s summer will be as eventful as mine!


Add Us!

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